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I spend much of my time online looking at creative campaigns wondering, “How the hell did they come up with that?” A company that has really stood out this past year has been Coca- Cola, they have kept churning out really epic stories that go way beyond selling their product to getting you as an individual to own their brand.

I was even more awestruck when I happen to come across their marketing mission statement known as Content 2020. Like the name suggests they have a mission to generate content as their core marketing strategy. It all made sense that the really great videos I had been watching were not as a result of individual one off brilliance but rather from a planned and sustained strategy to get their brand story out there resulting in positive engagement.

So while the rest of the world is thinking about creative one off campaigns to drum up small business (okay maybe I’ve exaggerated), Coca-Cola through content 2020 are looking to double their business! That’s right, double it… Pretty audacious if you ask me in that they are already a world leading brand.

Coca- Cola has noticed that story telling is at the heart of all families, communities and cultures and they have planned to move their brand from creative excellence to content excellence. In my opinion I think the idea is to get people to develop such a deep emotional connection with their brand that they are able to achieve their business objectives.

Coca-Cola gets people to form a deep emotional connection with them

They plan to do this by developing content that links their business objectives, brands and consumer interests with ideas that are very contagious in a way in which they cannot be controlled. So the conversations that are sparked by these ideas are then reacted to twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year.

The consumer generated Coca-Cola stories will definitely outnumber those that Coca-Cola create themselves, thus earning the emotional connection with their consumers that they are after. Brands have realized that to succeed they need to not only concentrate on paid media but rather concentrate on owning media and earning from it. So begin to develop content that will be so good that your customers will interact with, own and add to. You can check out their owned media channel right here

Some Coca-Cola ideas

Coca-Cola wants to refresh the world, inspire moments of happiness create value and make a difference… Have a look at those contagious ideas that will elicit reactions that Coca-Cola can create conversations around which will keep them top of mind.

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