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My Genesis

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It all started a year ago; more of a boy meets girl kind of story. At that point social media was an added value to a client, and with time on my hands and a new avenue to explore it was a new challenge. I then received a lot of brand guidelines, what to say what not to say, I questioned every word I was putting forward, social media was more of a task.

My first encounter with social media was in 2006; my 1st social network like most was ‘Hi5’. It was more about visuals; how appealing my page was, which ‘skin’ fitted with my personality, it was that kind of channel, nothing much. Then came Facebook. I am a bit of a sceptic. Others would call me an ‘early late adopter’, among the first but late to adopt. In my thinking if it works why change it?  One night in campus my friend introduced me to Facebook; it was dull and boring blue and white for all of us really? No colour, no skins:(

The Original Facebook Interface

But I got hooked and here I am 5 years later with a ‘semi active profile’. I blame my new liking of Pintrest. We social media managers have to move with the trends. Digital marketing is always evolving so we must adapt in order to give our clients that competitive edge online.

Back to my story. So a year ago I fell in love with social media marketing. It was not just a private space where I would share information with my few selected friends but it was now a space that I utilized to communicate the value of a brand to the public; a way of getting the masses to interact and engage with a brand. As I mentioned earlier I was given a brand book, a list of what to do or not to do. I must admit I shelved all this information. I decided to go all out and fully engage the public with the brand, my knowledge of the brand and what the brand means to me.

The common misconception people have is that, everybody can do it and that it’s an easy task. Well there is some truth to this and every savvy individual in this time and age has a social media page or two. Everyone can post, upload and everything there is to do on social media. But the one thing that people do not understand is that corporate social media is different. It’s not just a task you can easily delegate to anyone, I believe that you have to be passionate about the brand before you manage the social media channels otherwise you may misrepresent your client or just end up performing a task.

Social media marketing is all about the passion that one has for the brand; it is more than a task. Social media marketing unlike conventional marketing is a medium where you get real time, unfiltered responses on your products and services by you customers, potential customers and also the people who do not love your brand. In this time and age social media is a must have for your brand; it’s a mouthpiece that must not be overlooked.



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